Have you ever noticed that some paths lead to the same place, and it is far easier to take the path that we are familiar with, even of it is not a good fit for us anymore?

Today I am leaving the familiar patterns of my emotions behind AGAIN. I was prepared when I woke up today, ready to go through the day/week with he same yucky crappy emotions that are familiar and comfortably uncomfortable. I am choosing to leave them behind me. It feels random, the crap that gets dumped on me, and I am back in my way of being, the victim. Then to protect myself, the resentful one steps forward, who uses superiority as a weapon. I can master my feelings and my emotions. I do not need to go down the same path and wonder why I am here. I am here because I did the same thing again. Today I made a little adjustment, as I prepared to get out of bed. I chose to do something a little different, something I knew would have a big impact on my emotional well being for the day.

What little adjustment can you do make to shift the trajectory of your day?


“In front of me there were two roads
I chose the less traveled road
And it made all the difference.”

Paulo Coelho