This is about how my beliefs based on my past are affecting my present.

I have stared my own coaching business and have been working hard in getting it out to the world with marketing and programs. It has required letting go of the way I looked at “work” I had always given the good stuff away to others in exchange for a steady paycheck. I am now able to do it all for me. This was a major shift, and I was going All In! I asked the universe to bring me clients, a way to be of service to those who wanted assistance and a source of income. This week much of what I had been asking for was coming together. Why was I hesitant to accept it? Why was I not dancing from the rooftops? I connected the dots to the past, the way I interacted with others. I was surrounded by narcissists, I attracted them in droves. I have worked hard on myself and looked at the part I played in each relationship. I am getting clear about how to attract people in my life that add to what I am up to in the world. It continues to surprise me when I find another area, I have an introject in because of the things I believe from my past. The reason I was not jumping for joy was, because it was as if, I was receiving a gift. I was receiving the recognition, fruits of my labor, the attraction of the energy I had put out. Great? Right?

I was still listening to the old tape that told me that gifts come with strings, there is always a cost to pay when I had received something from those in my past. I sat with that and really felt into it. If I had allowed that feeling of “What will this cost me?” take over I may have ran away from what is in front of me. I am accepting what is being given to me. I am leaning into that and reminding myself that not all gifts have a price. What limiting beliefs are pulling you from the future you would like?

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 ““A wonderful gift may not be wrapped as you expect.”
― Jonathan Lockwood Huie