As I look back at this year I naturally begin to remember the pain, hurt, loss and turmoil that has been 2020. Is that what I want to remember? I also welcomed a new puppy into my life, my beloved horse received a surgery that will allow her to be out of constant pain and live a longer life, I graduated from Equine Gestalt Coaching Method Program and am one year into the Gestalt Coaching Method Program, lot’s of positive things happening.

I had plans to continue working, managing property and have an open house for my new coaching business this summer, and when that all got put on hold I stood looking like a deer in the headlights. Well at least I had a JOB…until I didn’t.

I have made the choice to offer my services during this pandemic, I realized it was myself, that I needed to be marketing. I had been focusing much of my energy on advertising my services with my beloved horse partner, I was hiding behind Remy. I have been trained in Gestalt coaching, I have had the experience of coaching others in person and on the phone. I received the certification to do this and that was not reflected on my website and message.

2020 has given me an opportunity to reach more people than I originally thought possible. I planned on groups in person, locally, and now I can reach anyone who is able to Zoom. These groups can then come to retreats next year when it is safe to travel again and work with the horses. I wasn’t planning on Zoom groups without the support of my horse, BUT I AM willing to stand on my own and be brave. I am trained to offer Gestalt Coaching, with or without a horse involved. I am a Gestaltist.

There is no time to waste, our First Responders are being bombarded by so much more this year and I am offering a place to relieve some pressure and a fresh perspective on life. It is that simple.  Who is willing to join me? 


“Hard times produce your greatest gifts.”

Robin Sharma